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Business Academy for Youth

2 weeks      3 times/week

(The Academy is for students who are 14-19 years old) 


Students will:

  • Learn how to start their own business and how to write a business-plan; explore a variety of business subjects through an interactive curriculum;
  • Learn how to conduct research essential to business; 
  • Enhance their communication and oral presentation skills;
  • Meet like-minded students
  • Have fun :)
  • Receive an ALC Summer Business Academy Certificate of Completion      


Legal Academy

2 weeks      3 times/week

Legal Academy for Youth/ Юридическая Академия для подростков/Academia Juridică pentru tineri      

(The Academy is for students who are 14-19 years old) 


Scholarship Winners' Secrets Academy

2 weeks       3 times/week

This course will help you learn all crucial tips for winning a scholarship to study abroad. 


Science Club for Kids

3 weeks      3 times/week

Science Club for Kids brings science, technology, engineering, to kids (ages 7 to 13) in a fun and challenging way. 

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